SGI - Specialty Grains, Inc.

231 N. Sangamon Ave.
Gibson City, IL 60936

Welcome to SGI

Since 1976, Specialty Grains, Inc. (SGI) has worked to develop relationships with clients in overseas markets to provide high-quality specialty grains. Through dedicated research into clients' needs and product uses, Specialty Grains has established itself as an industry leader in the production and delivery of specialty crops, particularly non-GMO corn and soybeans. Understanding both the grain production side and the marketing of specialty crops, Specialty Grains continues to develop its capability to provide specialty grains to its clients. With a growing demand for High-Amylose, Yellow Waxy, White Waxy and Hard Endosperm corn varieties, and food quality non-GMO soybean varieties, SGI relies on its experience and communication with clients to provide the highest quality product for human consumption.

boatEven as the need for specialty non-GMO grains continues to grow, Specialty Grains continues to develop its capability to meet clients' needs through meticulous attention to quality. This attention to detail is evident in the awarding of grower contracts, field and storage bin inspections and quality review, as much as it is in the processing and shipping of their products. The processing and warehouse facility at Gibson City, Illinois, provides the latest in grain processing technology. The facility includes temperature and humidity controlled storage and provides an ideal climate to maintain the quality of seed and grain for food-grade purposes.

Specialty Grains takes great care in the complete process, from the seed selection, to field production, through the final delivery of the grain. SGI has established relationships with steamship lines and container pools to provide efficient turn-around on orders, whether the need is for high quality corn or for high quality soybean products. Because of the specialized nature and the requirement that growers also maintain adequate drying/storage procedures and environments, SGI is able to provide a flexible schedule for shipping.

Specialty Grains has recently acquired a new property dedicated solely to the transloading of corn and soybeans for overseas delivery. As an established partner for trading companies and processors in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Belgium and other European and Asian markets, Specialty Grains has become a renowned supplier of the high quality corn and soybeans on a world market scale. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of every facet of the process involved in growing and delivering high-quality specialty grains-such as High-Amylose, Yellow Waxy, White Waxy and Hard Endosperm corn and food quality non-GMO soybeans-is a primary ingredient of our company's success. However, our cornerstone is our adherence to tough industry standards for corn and soybeans that are processed for human consumption and specialized industrial uses. Through contract growing, routine field/bin inspections and state-of-the-art processing and shipping methods, our products achieve the specifications for varietal purity and physical standards for food-grade quality that our clients demand, superior to that of facilities designed primarily for seed processing.

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